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VPS & Dedicated Servers T&Cs

All services exclusive of this package may be availed as an add-on that will be charged separately.
Nexus may Not be responsible if client’s services got suspended on unauthorized use of resources and we may not guarantee backup services in this case.

Terms & Conditions

We advise our clients to consult our technical team for Server recommendation. Our team will recommend the Best solution by keeping in mind the utilization and required resources. In other case, we may not guarantee the stability of your server.

Weekly and Monthly backups are maintained by Nexus and may be provided as an add-on in .tar and .gz file. In other case, Clients are advised to keep their own backups as well to avoid any inconvenience. However, in Case of Cancellation, Termination & Crash, Nexus may not guarantee this backup.

Nexus reserves the right to suspend your account on violation of Nexus Restricted content policy, Check AUP for more details.

Server Setup including Hardware Installation, OS and Software level updates may take 24-48 hours.

Managed and Unmanaged services will be provided as per the Client’s approval. Any support required for unmanaged server may be charged separately.

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