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Hybrid Cloud VM

Nexus’ Hybrid Cloud provides cutting-edge servers with high-speed capabilities for creating dedicated cloud virtual machines (VMs). With 1000M/1GBPS ports, burstable RAM, elevated UBC limits, and increased bandwidth allocations, these features make it an optimal choice for hosting mission-critical websites.

| VM PLAN |​

Cloud VM Packages

Dedicated Cloud VM Nano Dedicated Cloud VM Micro Dedicated Cloud VM Mini Dedicated Cloud VM Pro
Cores 1 Core Processor 2 Core Processor 2 Core Processor 4 Core Processor
Ram 2 GB Memory 4 GB Memory 8 GB Memory 16 GB Memory
Disk space 40 GB SSD 100 GB SSD 150 GB SSD 250 GB SSD
Monthly bandwidth 200 GB 700 GB 1 TB 1.5 TB
Public IPs 1 1 1 1

Dedicated Cloud VM Pro Smart Dedicated Cloud VM Advance Dedicated Cloud VM Advance Rage Dedicated Cloud VM - Custom
On Request
Cores 4 Core Processor 8 Core Processor 8 Core Processor Any Core Processor
Ram 32 GB Memory 32 GB Memory 64 GB Memory Any GB Memory
Disk space 350 GB SSD 500 GB SSD 650 GB SSD Any GB SSD
Monthly bandwidth 2 TB 2.5 TB 3 TB Any Bandwidth
Public IPs 1 2 2 Any Public IPs



Our proprietary speed settings will give your website a performance boost like no other!
Guaranteed SSD
Based Storage
Fast, Easy &
Secure Setup
Scalable & Real time Reporting
High Speed
24×7 Support &
Built-in DDOS & Firewall Protection
Best Interface & Easy Clientarea
Unified & Easy Pricing for all Regions
Regions – Pakistan, USA & Germany


Available Web Panels

Choose from popular web panels like Plesk, cPanel, and Interworx, included with our Cloud VM Packages for streamlined website management.


Explore Interworx, a robust control panel for enhanced website management. Included with our Cloud VM packages, it offers seamless VM management.


Simplify your hosting experience with cPanel, available on our Cloud VM packages. Manage your website efficiently with its intuitive interface.


Optimize your website management with Plesk, a user-friendly control panel. Included with our Cloud VM packages, it streamlines VM management effortlessly.


Technical Specifications


Leverage the power of AMD EPYC 2nd Gen and Intel® Xeon® Gold processors alongside rapid NVMe SSDs for unparalleled performance.


Capture your server's state with our snapshot feature, facilitating manual backups for restoration, server replication, or project transfers.


Automatically generated backups ensure data integrity, with up to 7 stored copies for added security.

Fully Managed

Enjoy peace of mind with HostBreak's managed VPS services, allowing you to focus on your business while we handle the technicalities.

Root Access

Windows VPS grants you full control with root access, empowering you to manage and reboot your server remotely.

DDOS Protection

Benefit from our robust Anti-DDoS protection, employing cutting-edge hardware and advanced security technologies to safeguard your infrastructure.


Technical Specifications

| Got questions? |

Well, We've Got Answers.

  • We have allocated Dedicated Node for Running any Particular VM & it doesn’t have any other shared resource.
  •  It’s scalable in core / Memory / Storage on Run time.
  • VPS were Old packages that has been retired & redefined now as per State of Art Technology to Hybrid Cloud VM.
  • You can access and manage your Dedicated Cloud VM easily by your Client Area.
  • You can Simply Email us at cloud@nexus.pk
  • You Can Submit ticket 24/7 from your Client Area to support Support Department “Dedicated Cloud VM”.
  • You Can Call us on our UAN – 0300,0341140, Ext 1.
  • Please Review the Here by Attached Manual for ticket submission.
  • Visit Cart & Select any of your Desired package. Your order will be processed on runtime after confirmation of Payment. 
  • Currently we have 3 Locations on Board: PAKISTAN | US | GERMANY.

We have defined regions & as per your own choice & need, you can select Location from the Drop-down while order processing:

  • PK-North-C1 : North Region City ISLAMABAD, PK
  • PK-South-M1 : South Region City ISLAMABAD, PK
  • PK-South-J1 : South Region City ISLAMABAD, PK
  • US-West-I2 : West Region City NORTH CAROLINA, US
  • US-West-S1 : West Region City TUKWILA, US
  • GR-EAST-H1 : East Region City FALKENSTEIN, GR
  • As per policy and Security you are allowed to Reinstall VM 2 time within 1 month.
  • Please Note: Any change in OS will not change the billing in case of reinstallation and will be reflected in next month.
  • If you have opted the Backup/Snapshot Services then as per the Backup Restoration Policy it can be restored for further detail see Backup Policy Under Terms & condition. 
  • No, there is no backend level migration available. However, you may opt for any Package of Hybrid Cloud VM & migrate all your data from VPS, on your own after which you may cancel VPS Package. For any queries, Please send an email to cloud@nexus.pk
  • This means that Core/RAM isn’t used in shared mode after allocation so, full computational specifications are guaranteed.
  • It starts from monthly to biannually. With only 3 days grace period in case Payment is not received with in the 3 days of Due invoice against the Hybrid Cloud VM, The VM will be suspended for further detail please review Terms & condition.
  • Internode Migration means Migration of VM from One Data Center to Other Data Center Location. Our team may review the Feasibility for that & will share Plan of Action accordingly. For taking these services, Please send an email to cloud@nexus.pk & its Cost will be $100/Migration
  • Yes, you can until you reach our last Defined Package on top of which you can acquire Additionally defined in Addons.
  • No, mentioned price is exclusive of all applicable taxes – order will not be processed if paid less than the advertised amount.

*All Prices are exclusive of Tax (if Applicable) Please visit FAQ for general queries & Check Terms and Conditions for more details. Clients have the option of pre-paying for service up to 12 months in advance with free setup on yearly signups. For any queries in Order processing or Package details, please send an email to sales@nexus.pk or call at 0300-0341140.

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