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Security Audit

Nexus is your trusted partner for comprehensive security audit services, ensuring the resilience of your digital infrastructure. Our skilled professionals conduct thorough assessments, identifying vulnerabilities and potential risks in your systems and networks.

Pioneers in penetration testing for total security, Diginatives is committed to transforming weaknesses into strengths.

To gauge your security posture, we rigorously simulate actual cyberattacks. This thorough assessment makes sure that your company is ready to defend against sophisticated threats, with every vulnerability providing a chance to fortify your defenses.

We employ a combination of manual and automated testing methods in addition to automated tools to offer you a comprehensive security assessment. This strategy adheres to the recommended procedures in the cybersecurity sector, confirmed by our certifications and track record.


Our Services

Web Penetration Testing

Our team of experts carefully examines web apps for vulnerabilities while simulating actual cyberattacks to guarantee the security of your digital assets.

Mobile Penetration Testing

Your mobile applications are put through a thorough testing process by our specialists, who look for flaws and make sure they are resistant to threats.

API Penetration Testing

In order to safeguard your data and systems from unwanted access and attacks, our experts assess the security of your APIs and identify imperfections.

Network Penetration Testing

We simulate cyberattacks on the network infrastructure of your business in order to identify and reduce any security threats, guaranteeing that your network is strong and safe.

IOT Penetration Testing

Our customized IoT penetration testing evaluates the security of your devices, ensuring their integrity and preventing vulnerabilities.

DFIR - Digital Forensics and Incident Response Services

In case of a security crisis, our skilled team offers a prompt reaction and in-depth digital forensics to locate and minimize security breaches.

Smart City Penetration Testing

By executing extensive testing to safeguard crucial infrastructure and uphold the security of wired cities, we secure the security of smart city systems.

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