SIEM/SOC Deployment

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As the frequency of threats continues to rise, the significance of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) becomes increasingly evident. A SOC serves as the central hub for an organization’s cybersecurity efforts, functioning as the command center for managing and mitigating cybersecurity risks. Whether situated on-premises or off-premises, in-house, co-managed, fully outsourced, or operating in the cloud, the SOC is designed to execute fundamental functions consistently. These include vigilant observation, continuous monitoring, prompt detection, and real-time response to security issues and incidents.


Mission of SIEM/SOC

Prevention of cybersecurity incidents

Proactive technical and organizational measures.Proactive technical and organizational measures.

Monitoring, detection, and analysis of potential intrusions

Performed in real-time and through historical trending on security-relevant data sources.

Response to confirmed incidents

Performed by coordinating resources and using timely and appropriate countermeasures appropriate countermeasures.

Situational awareness and reporting on cybersecurity

Includes reporting on cybersecurity status, incidents, and trends in criminal behaviour, provided for appropriate organizations (customer, authorities).

Engineering and operating Computer Network Defense

Tools and methods for protection, monitoring and recovery at all levels of ISO/OSI.

SIEM and SOC audit

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