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Hybrid Cloud T&Cs

Nexus Technologies provides state of the art cloud solutions for your Website/Application. We are providing services from low end budget up to your desired requirements & You will get a secured solution for your Website/Application. Security is a primary concern for Nexus as the data of the customers are more important for us.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Note: If your Website/Application gets hacked, it doesn`t mean that your Dedicated cloud VM/server is hacked as, we are providing security for your Dedicated Cloud VM.
  2. The Client agrees that the Hosting Provider is not liable for any bugs, performance issues or failure of their software / Application. Any bugs, performance issues or failure with the software will be directed responsibility of the Development team.
  3. We advise our clients to consult our technical team for Any package. Our team will recommend the Best solution by keeping in mind the growth rate of your website or web solution. In other case, we may not guarantee the stability of your website. For any customized package you can reach us at sales@nexus.pk
  4. Client must agree to take full responsibility for his/her files/data transferred to and must maintain appropriate backup of his/her files/data stored on Nexus servers. Nexus will not be responsible for any data/file loss.
  5. Nexus’s aim is to provide 100% uptime for all our services to our clients but maintenance at our data centers will be required, every 2-3 months.
  6. Nexus strictly forbids websites with adult graphic content (softcore and/or hardcore), including but not limited to, banner advertising, any adult website(s), child pornography, and distribution of adult website passwords. On violation of this policy, Nexus reserves the right to terminate Client’s account without notice and are subject to a maximum clean-up/disconnect fee. Incase of any violation you can reach us at abuse@nexus.pk
  7. Nexus will inform 24 hours prior to maintenance activity to all the clients via email on registered email addresses provided by the customer. In addition, we also advise all our customers to back up their latest data before the planned maintenance activity to avoid any inconvenience.
  8. Any Customization for Nexus Cloud Packages / Dedicated Cloud VM will not be entertained. After order processed.
  9. Cloud Packages / Dedicated Cloud VM setup may take up to 4 hours to 12 hours depending on the client’s requirement after the order is done.
  10. Bandwidth’s limit will be as per the selected package by the customer. However, Customer can request for an additional bandwidth and it will be considered as an add-on and charged as per additional bandwidth policy. For details, Check our Addons
  11. By ordering for any Hybrid Cloud Package, Client will automatically be accepting our all Policies
Package Upgrade & Downgrade
  1. Customers may upgrade or shift to new upgraded Cloud package / Hybrid Cloud VM. Pre-requisites for upgrading includes customer request via registered email address through client area. Upgrade process requires a minimum of 15-30 minutes of downtime in case node is full with resources. Nexus support team will coordinate with the customer with-in 2 hours of the up-gradation request.
  2. Customers are only allowed to upgrade an existing Hybrid Cloud VM Packages to higher packages; down-gradation of cloud packages is not permissible.
Billing Cycle
  1. Nexus is Liable to Suspend and recover the difference amount in case any customer is underpaying subject to advertised price.
  2. All orders will be processed after the payment clearance. Customer will pay in advance for their desired or selected Hybrid Cloud VM Packages & Nexus Cloud package, Billing Cycle starts from the date of start of commence of services of every month.
  3. NO Refund – In case of Cancelation of services, any refund will be adjusted in the form or credit with your account.
  4. Nexus will NOT be responsible for any Data Loss after the services are stopped due to non-payment. However, it is advised to Customers that please inform Nexus regarding their payment delay issue.
  5. Customers Must have to pay before the due date with 3 days’ grace period. If customer is unable to pay his/her bill within the grace period, all services will be Suspended without any further notice. Unsuspension will be subject to clearance of all dues.
  6. Termination: 5 days after the grace period, Machine will be terminated.

Backup Policy

  1. NO Backup of Hybrid Cloud VM Packages & Cloud Packages are maintained other than those who have opted Backup as an Addon Service
  2. Backup Type would be i.e. Server Image / Snapshot Image
  3. Custom Backup Requirement other than default then Customer need to reach up to Support & Billing Staff, it will be charged as an Addon Services and will be billed separately.
  4. For any queries regarding these terms & conditions, please send an email to billing@nexus.pk
  5. Backup retention period as per policy is as below once in a month, only 1 backup will be maintained which will be overwritten, once new Backup is generated. Nexus will back up its customers Dedicated cloud VM / Could Packages as per the opted Backup subscription addon, below is the subscription detail for Backup execution:

    a. Monthly Snapshot Backup cycle : Last Sunday 30th/31st of Every Month 12:00 Midnight as Per PST
    b. Weekly Snapshot Backup cycle : Each Weekly Sunday within Every Month 12:00 Midnight as Per PST

  6. Customer can request for restoration process only once in a month, additional restoration requests will charge to customer as an Add-on service and will be billed separately.
  7. Nexus will be responsible for the restoration of Dedicated Cloud VM only. Any data within your website/application doesn’t fall in the backup policy of Nexus Technologies. Data within website/application will be customer’s responsibility.

For any queries regarding these terms & conditions, please send an email to support@nexus.pk.

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