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Comparison of Services Terms & Conditions

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Comparison of Support Services for Hosting

Features Personal Hosting Business Hosting Dedicated Cloud VM Dedicated Server
Responsive ApproachResponsivePro-ActivePro-ActivePro-Active
On Call Support24×7 Basic Support24×7 L2 Support24×7 L3 Support24×7 L3 & L4 Support
Ad-Hoc ServicesProfessional AdviceProfessional AdviceProfessional Advice
Pre-Sales Evaulation OnlyRegular EvaluationRegular EvaluationRegular Evaluation
Response Time24-36 Hours18-24 HoursWithin 12 HoursWithin 6 Hours
Access LevelLevel 1Direct Level 2Direct L2 & L3Direct L3 & L4
BackupsPaidFree OnsiteFree OffsiteManaged Backups
Professional ServicesAdd-on
Antivirus Enabled
AntiSpam Enabled
Onsite and OffSite Backups
Firewalled Server & Services
Free Domain Name
Clustered DNS Services
Low PopulatedSeperate ContainerFully Dedicated
Free Dedicated IP’sAdd-on
Cloud LinuxAdd-on
CRON JobsAdd-on
Advance Zone ManagementManaged DNSManaged DNS
Online Support
Auto BackupsAdd-onAdd-on
Free Download
Control Panel
Load BalancerAdd-on

Any Services other than mentioned will be charged as an Add-on.
***For any queries in Order processing or Package details, please send an email to sales@nexus.pk or call at 0300-0341140.

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